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Please read this guidance carefully. The application window for 2020 entry is 23rd September 2019 to 1st December 2019 at 11:59pm.


Applications will only be accepted through the online portal while admissions are open: . No paper applications will be accepted.

The following process with timelines will be followed for the 2020 selections:

1. Check your eligibility here

2. Create a profile through the online portal and choose "Pakistan" rather than "Global Selections Programme" (for more information on the GSP, please see below). Fill in all application windows with all required attachments and submit before 1st December 2019. Please note that your parent/guardian will also be asked to fill in some sections. They will be contacted by email, so remember to leave several days for your parents to submit all details before the deadline. Only when all your application forms and all parents' forms are filled can you submit the application.


3. The UWC Pakistan Selections Committee will shortlist applicants.

4. Shortlisted applicants will be invited (via email) for a selection day, consisting of interview panels, group discussions, and a short test, which will take place in January 2020 (probably in both Karachi and Islamabad).

5. The UWC Pakistan Selections Committee will select the most promising of the interviewed applicants, and notify those selected regarding their college placements and scholarship offers.

6. An orientation weekend will be conducted in June or July 2020, before the selected students move to their colleges.


Please note: Another option for applying to UWC is the UWC Global Selection Programme which is available for students who:

·  do not need a scholarship to attend UWC

·  wish to have entry results 9-12 months before the beginning of the school year

·  are looking to attend a specific UWC school or college

More information about application routes can be found at "Apply to study the IBDP at UWC" on UWC International's main website:


Whichever route a candidate chooses, the application will be assessed against UWC’s core selection criteria. Please note that a candidate may only submit one application per year to study the IB Diploma Programme at UWC. You may not apply through two different UWC national committees or through a UWC national committee and the UWC Global Selection Programme concurrently.